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Certified FHA Inspector

This inspection is best performed by a licensed Certified FHA inspector. Most lenders want the inspection performed by a licensed and Certified HUD inspector. In this area it is actually incomplete for anyone but a FHA inspector to perform this inspection without FHA Consultant ID. Follow your residential inspector as he/she reviews the home. Ask questions. And KNOW that, if you are purchasing an older home (over 20 years old or so) there may be damage not viewable during the inspection. Look for signs that it has been hidden by a previous owner. Believe us, it happens a lot. Even a good inspector can't see hidden damage though. We recommend you do some probing if you are purchasing a home which is slab on grade. We have seen many of these homes with extensive pest damage inside, which was NOT foreseeable when the home was purchased. If you don't want to or can't do the probing, you'd better plan on having to make repairs if you ever modify walls or ceilings. Just realize, there may be unforeseeable damage.

Realize what you getting yourself into folks. You are purchasing a piece of property built by men, built out of products which have a limited life.